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My Fav Four Tips to
  • Tired of conforming, not being seen or heard?

  • Frustrated that you feel you are meant to do something great but don't know what it is?

Then it's time you go renegade!

Freely express the aspects of you that are unique and you will feel fulfillment.

Take them to the streets and you will be seen.

Apply them in a way that benefits others and you will be valued.

"That which is in the heart cannot be suppressed because its reason is to be expressed."

Your Secret Sauce is the excellent expression of your uniqueness and it is the magic mojo that makes you dazzling. Oprah broadcasts her Secret Sauce, Sir Richard Branson experiments with his Secret Sauce, and frankly, we all have it. But how to unlock it can be puzzling because not only is it a result of a reflective process (it can be tricky to hear the whispers of your soul), it is socially not considered priority.

Here is a simple and playful PDF illustrating my favorite ways to getting it flowing. It has helped me develop my unique expression and grow Shaboo Prints into the recognizable business it is today--it will help you too.

In this fun and free download you will learn:
How to tell when your Secret Sauce isn't flowing.
How to use the Secret Sauce of others.
How to use fun but powerful approaches.
That you are not alone in exploring who you really are and what you really want to do.
"Using your Secret Sauce will increase your success, because you will be irreplaceable, and it will increase your fulfillment because you will be free to be who you really are! I believe in the value of your uniqueness and hope these tips help you unleash it!"
-- Veronica Vargas
    Founder, Shaboo Prints
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